A single supplier for a global project

WE HAVE A PLAN, to accompany our clients in the continuous growth of their factories or complete production lines.

AIRPLAN, a global provider of tailor-made solutions in process engineering, wants to continue adding value to its customers in these times of rapid change and uncertainty.

Life Science Solutions is AIRPLAN’s response to the demand of the sector for a global partner that responds quickly to the growth and creation of new manufacturing lines for its industry with the highest GMP and FDA standards.

A global provider, for a total solution. From the creation and design of your engineering study, the selection of equipment, its manufacture and testing in our facilities, the start-up of the entire production line or entire factory … everything always under control, thanks to a brand with more than 50 years in the market as AIRPLAN is.

Advancing science, with the knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of successful installations around the world, we are the trusted engineering provider of choice for customers, for a wide variety of products, including solid oral, semi-solid dosage forms , sterilized liquids …

No matter where you are, whatever the scale of your operation or manufacturing, we have the ability to make your idea, project come true, optimize your process, digitally transform your production control, improve production efficiency, and provide ongoing support. so that your business is and remains a success.

We live in times of change, we speak more and more intensely about the so-called Industry 4.0, at the same time COVID strongly hits our society worldwide. Now more than ever science is once again the answer to trust, only with the efforts of companies can obtain the definitive shield for the 21st century society.

It gives us pride and even a great responsibility to be the main actors in these times. We are currently carrying out large projects in different parts of the world to be able to mass produce the vaccine against COVID 19 and mitigate this great threat as soon as possible in our lives.

We have the answer to your current and future process engineering questions for your products and brands. Contact us, explain your idea, project … and see how AIRPLAN is the right solution as a global engineering provider in the constant growth of your industry.

Advance your science with AIRPLAN and global solutions for your products and your business.