Good results are the product of expert design and skillful execution.

A new production plant. An increase in your production capacity. The addition of new production areas. Energy savings studies. Production process optimization. An improvement in the quality of your installations or their adaptation to meet current regulations. Let's talk about your objectives.

During the past 45 years, we have evolved side-by-side with our clients. With our training, experience, regulation knowledge and know-how in the field of applied engineering, we know which approach is the best for your project.

Detailed engineering, concise drawings, standardized work processes. Key points that facilitate a project’s transition from paper into reality. The fluidity of assembly, installation and start-up of a cleanroom with its thousands of components demonstrates whether or not a project has been thoroughly planned.
Our 3D project plans allow you to follow the progress of your project in real time, documented weekly using photographs and interactive plans with detailed views and even virtual tours in video format.

In compliance with international regulations

We comply with international guidelines and regulations and their interpretation at the local level, including cGMP, ISO 14644, 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA), etc.