A New Video

What’s cooking today in our kitchen? Well, something that you won’t read in the LOS ANGELES TIMES’ entertainment section: our new movie’s premiere! Believe it or not it has actually taken us a full year to film and edit. In it we wanted to: (1) unveil in a FUN way a few secrets of our core business, namely, some processes involved in the design and construction of a new pharmaceutical unit for the manufacturing of sterile liquids–escaping from any boring “advertorial” angle; (2) let the Client be the protagonist; (3) pay tribute to our staff in this, our jubilee year. We bet for a “dramatized” approach, telling the story of a pharmaceutical executive who is overwhelmed at the prospect of having to build a new GMP-compliant sterile unit but who happily finds the right partner and with whom… shall they live together ever after?… Hollywoody enough for you? Before you press the PLAY button… remember the Martin Handford’s “Where’s Wally?” series? Here is a conundrum for you: on this 90-cuts, 5 min 27 sec clip, you will see 77 different people pop on the screen but only ONE is an actual actor/actress pretending to be what he/she is not. Can you guess who? ;->


Visit our YouTube Channel… https://www.youtube.com/user/AIRPLANspain/feed