Leaders in air treatment.

We started as a company specializing in custom-made industrial air treatment. Our successful HVAC solutions are the result of more than 45 years experience. This know-how is applied to the following products that we develop and manufacture at AIRPLAN and help optimize cleanrooms in the Life-Science industry.

We offer a wide-range of solutions from specific areas under conditions of laminar flow up to complete sterile or aseptic rooms with ISO 5 classification, in accordance with current regulations. We work both with ready-to-use equipment, as well as with laminar flows fully-tailored to your production plant, taking into account performance, personnel’s safety, cross-contamination and maintenance.

  • Functionality and performance.
  • In-house fabrication, own rigorous quality protocols. ISO 14644 quality commitment.
  • Technology for energy efficiency.
  • Compact design.
  • Maintenance without complications.
  • Operator comfort and safety.
  • Product protection without cross-contamination.
  • Delivery with documentation.